Summerfest Festival 2013



List of the Productions


You Must be MineBy Corinna Manetto

Final june 21 you must be mine

Anita, a vibrant Brazilian girl, is 18 years old when she meets and falls in love

with Garibaldi, 32. Their love story’s sweet and sexy, lived out on the killing

fields and bloodied waters of 2 continents. The charismatic freedom fighter

and his courageous, outspoken wife, Anita … two people enraptured and

exquisitely vulnerable to each other for 10 short years



The Letter

The Letter by Sheba Jordan


“A brilliant musical from the Director of I Know I’m Somebody!

A letter written by an Executive to her married lover is found by one

of her subordinates who blabs about the scandal throughout the company. The letter

reaches the man’s wife and all the stuff hits the fan! This show

is loaded with magical moments & unforgettable songs.”



1969 A Space Oddity

1969: A Space Oddityby Steven Brady


It’s 1969 and Nixon wants to blow up Russia with nuclear missiles

fired from the moon! Take a journey with the crew of the Apollo 11

spaceship as this comedy examines how world peace may just be the best

leap forward for mankind. If you like jokes, fun, and adventure,

then this show’s for you!…And there’s fake dynamite.




The Other Mozartby Sylvia Milo


is a play about Nannerl Mozart, the sister of Amadeus.

A solo show written and performed by Sylvia Milo, directed by Isaac Byrne,

it tells the true story of this prodigy, a keyboard virtuoso and composer,

who as a child toured through all of Europe performing with her brother,

to equal acclaim, but who faded away and left behind nothing of her own.



Papi-Flaco Poster

Papy/Flacoby Eddie Antar


This is the story of Papi / Flaco. A Dominican family in the Inwood section

of Manhattan, struggling to navigate the waters as old world cultures clash

with modern sensibilities, as old generation tries to keep pace with a new mindset.



Just A Few Hundred More poster

Just A Few Hundred More by Gustaf Heden


” is a pitch-black comedy (or a bitterly funny tragedy) about two friends and devout

drinkers, diving headfirst into disaster in their quest for financial salvation.

Navigating their way in a universe of flashback-inducing jukeboxes, gluttonous cops

and entrepreneurial drug dealers, they encounter hope, greed, love and,

ultimately, the consequences of their get-rich-quick scheme.



image art

Image by Jack Rushen


A red-hot young celebrity, Bria Madigan, is rushed to the hospital from a

drug overdose and is on the brink of death. A devious publicist, Corbett Brand,

hatches a plot to have her mother, Fiona, sign over image rights that

would make him a multi-millionaire, especially if Bria ends up dying.

But it has to be done quick. Will he succeed?



Muskego Lake final final

Muskego Lake by Jon Spano


Summer, 1972. Five-years earlier, Emma abandoned her dead-end existence

in Ohio to forge a new and daring life with her African-American lover, Norma Jean,

in Muskego Lake, Wisconsin. When her teenaged daughter Jessie arrives without

warning, Emma is forced to confront the choices of her

past and to face the risks of living on society’s edge.




Somdomiteby Joshua R. Pangborn


Oscar Wilde once said “One should always be in love. That is the reason one

should never marry.” Oscar was always in love; unfortunately, he was also married.

The conflict between the men he loved and the woman he married led him to ruin.

Somdomite: The Loves of Oscar Wilde tells this story: of those he loved and

those who lost him as he looked up at the stars from life’s gutters.




Dublin’downdoublesby Matthew McAllister


follows the personal journey of a lost bartender in the Lower East side,

as he is working his periodical schedule of back to back doubles, meaning

he is the only person working in the bar from open till close-twice in a row. Join Bartender

as he sifts through sleep deprived delusion, and a flowing creek of humanity.



OTTO POSTER final final

Otto’s Fortune by Ed Lataro


Otto is losing his house to the bank, when he finds a seemingly perfect gambling system

at the racetrack that may save the home. His last gambling spree nearly ruined his marriage,

so he wagers behind his wife’s back. Otto must survive a losing streak,

a bout with alcoholism and pass a hellish test to keep his marriage intact.



Sweating bullets final final

Sweating bulletsby Nelson Diaz-Marcano


Blood and Anger drive the plot of this new revenge thriller. A decision made

25 years ago creates a ripple effect that has chaotic consequences. An exploration

of the individualistic American dream, this play takes us deep into

the dark side of this society and tells us a story of the people that live in it.



The Dancer Poster (1)

The Dancer by David Morgan


When George meets a beautiful dancer whose true identity is concealed, he discovers

the only woman he has ever loved. As Adele, too, begins to fall for George, she must

decide whether to risk his life by loving him or return alone to the mysterious

place from where she came.



victor-1 (1)

Victorby Amy E. Witting


Audra, slowly approaching her fortieth birthday, is trapped insider her mind and

her apartment with a mouse named Victor. As she succumbs to the comfort of

Victor she falls further down a rabbit hole of despair. As Victor continues to eat at

Audra’s subconscious, a decision has to be made. Audra must decide to live a life of

isolation or embrace the love from the other misfits she meets along the way.



The irresistable Mr. B

The Irreplaceable Mister Bby Paolo Tartamella


Striving to be irreplaceable, Mister B dumps his lofty Wall Street life. When he is rejected by his

son, wife, parents, gardener and baseball team, he embraces a drastic change.




The Soul of A Man by Ronnie J. Johnson


Money, fame, a flourishing career, and a beautiful wife; Alex Taylor has it all.

Now in his prime, Alex expects to solidify his status with a hefty increase from the NBA.

But as they say, “mo’ money, mo’ problems”; and suddenly his career, his family…

and even his life are threatened! Will Alex learn what truly matters before it’s too late?



Marley Poster final

Marley: A Musical Tragedy by Joey Stamp


A Musical Tragedy is a brand new musical by Joey Stamp with original music

by Adam O’Dell. MARLEY is about a young girl struggling to understand her

rapidly changing world amidst her parent’s recent divorce. Based off

of Euripides’ Hippolytus Tragedy, MARLEY follows the story of a mother

and daughter and reveals the power of love just how deadly it can be.



Dinner with the Stevensons

Dinner with the Stevensons by Glenn Quentin


“MARIANE STEVENSON, a true matriarch runs her home as a beautiful dictatorship with

jokes and laughter. Her company lives on the shelves. EDWARD, her only son on his 18th

Birthday plans to leave the house for the first time. This comedic satire explores

dysfunction in the Stevenson household.

Unfortunately the skeletons in their closets are very real.”



The tragedy

The Tragedy at Hood 14542 by Deaon Pressley


Vengeance and greed blind the citizens of HOOD: 14542, during a harsh awakening

of the gentrification epidemic. Yellow Man faces infamy as he returns to rehabilitate

the hood, while his equally stubborn brother and other neighborhood dwellers are

determined to save it. Race, ego, lust and blood rule this play in an impassioned debate

of community and opportunity.



Lady Judith Poster

Lady Judithby Christina Bebeau


Judith is a caring woman but sometimes things don’t always go the way she expects them to.

She battles with a bratty workaholic daughter still living at home, a stressful job, a

soon-to-be remarried ex-husband, and battles with her family over their ill mother. She just

wants everyone to be happy, and maybe that just means everyone except for her.




Standbysby Alex Riad


Ron and Mary are two ex-coworkers, two ex-friends, two ex-lovers, and current

seatmates on the last flight out of London during a Christmas blizzard. While on

the plane and subsequently in a hotel room, they are forced to confront the

moment it all went wrong for them as well as their selfish and selflessness,

affecting their families back home.



Trick Bagsby Robert Shanlin


The play is about an inmate getting beaten to death in a jail and the legal and political

machinations that follow. The politics of race and sex rear their ugly heads as politicians try to

use the incident for their own ends. Others with their own interests are the union

president, the D.A., the alcoholic

Sheriff and the victim’s family. It is based on a true story.



Ebbie and the Mol

Ebbie and Mol and the Apocalypse Song


by Hannah Bisewski


In the not-so-distant future, Ebbie, a recent widow, arrives at the doorstep of her

sister-in-law’s bed-and-breakfast in the French Alps. Instantly, they are bound

to each other for the rest of their lives as they are the last two specimens of the human race.



Geoffrey & geffrey final

Geoffrey & Jeffrey by Kim Carney


“Geoffrey & Jeffrey is a gleefully over the top, comedic love story

that explores the changing definition of family in today’s world.”



faux snow poster final 2

Faux Snow by Andrew James Hall


Daydreams, desires, and delusions collide with reality in “Faux Snow” as two drastically

different romantic hopefuls, Royd and Marquette, journey across country in a

post-college road trip. We live in both the gritty reality and their fantastical imaginations,

where all attempts to communicate thrive. “Faux Snow” breaks down those

exploratory moments of beauty, of danger, of shock, and of destruction.



Directions final

Following Directions by Edward Reyes


There’s no business like show business! Welcome to the Playhouse Theater,

where young performers dream of super stardom! But first,

they must pass the audition… and the Producer and the Intellectual of the

Playhouse will give them outrageous directions, just to see how far they’ll go.



Ursula final final

Ursulaby Kwame Berry


Ursula Starlin was the most famous black actress in America. But her demons

got the best of her and led her to ruin. Now, her three children are living out

their days in her forgotten New York mansion. Grisly murders are happening in the area,

landing them into suspicion. Obsession, secrets, madness, and twisted love await in “Ursula”.



The manufactured daughter

The Manufacturer’s Daughterby David Goldyn


When Sid Moscowitz’s mother pushes him to marry the manufacturer’s daughter,

it is a decision that haunts him the rest if his life. Sid and Marion meet at the

Concord Hotel in 1946 and navigate their way through the hurdles of twenty years

of a crazy marriage that anyone can relate to and laugh at.