Kate Thomas: Dirty July

theater-painting-circle-300x300“If you are a playwright serious about your craft, I highly recommend working with NYSummerfest; you will not find a more professional festival for the investment. The theatre in which we played was gorgeous – big, clean, with a working door and solid walls, all pivotal to our play. There were also state of the art lighting and sound facilities, everything our lighting and sound tech needed to put on a polished production….All in all a great experience; again, highly recommended.”

“NYSummerfest provided my team and me the perfect workshopping opportunity to see my play on its feet for the first time. We could not have been happier with the space itself, and we were gifted all the tools for a successful festival production. Every question we had was answered right away, and every festival employee graciously assisted us with anything we needed. Festivals can typically be chaotic, but Summerfest is a well-oiled machine, and prioritizes all of its participants in an extremely admirable way. I’m very grateful for this deeply beneficial development experience”

~ Kate Thomas – Playwright of ‘Dirty July’ (Summerfest 2017)