Thomas Tafero: The Tattered King

theater-painting-circle-300x300“A playwright at the beginning of his career is bound to find it difficult to find a place where he can put up a play. The Cabrini Theater and the Thespis Festival offer a unique venue for newer works to find their legs, and to test themselves in the public arena. Festivals like Thespis are essential to making sure Theater remains a vibrant part of society instead of a retread of old stories and ideas. I therefor sincerely appreciate the hard work and effort that has been put in to keep such an enterprise going, and would like to personally thank the management for all the help, hard work and diligence.”

“Our experience at the Festival involved more than just writing a play. It involved all the blood, sweat and tears shed by the Tattered King’s cast and crew that worked so hard to put this production together. From rehearsing in parks to throwing together costumes, everyone gave their very best to make this dream a reality. We have all grown through this process and we all have the Thespis Festival to thank for testing us. Thespis gave us a mountain to climb, and we climbed it. Here is to hoping that the Thespis Festival will be raising mountains for many years yet to come, and that many more climbers may yet be discovered. Onward, unto the undiscovered country!”

~ Thomas Tafero – Playwright of ‘The Tattered King’ (Thespis 2012 Winner!)