Romeo and Juliet




“Romeo and Juliet was amazingI enjoyed it from

beginning to end.” – Jessica Jones Faculty of

The Jesse Owens Public School, New York City.





Directed by Luke Bond


Produced by Robert Williams


This year, The Bard’s Players and The New York Theater Festival are traveling with Shakespeare’s  The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, one of Shakespeare’s most beloved tragedies. Romeo and Juliet is the most commonly read Shakespeare play in American High Schools, largely because of its particular themes that speak to a younger generation. Some of these themes include the joys and dangers of young love, the destruction that follows needless violence, and the importance of healthy parental relationships.



“Very good, fresh approach to the tale of Romeo and Juliet.

The interaction with such a young audience is a must.

I liked the modern dress and setting, the passion, romance,

tragedy, and versus, and the essential elements of each

character were portrayed with such passion (another plus

for a young audience!).” – Mrs. Malyukov, Faculty

of A. Philip Randolph Campus High School, New York City.





Saving you all the stresses and expenses

of organizing a student trip




“Entertaining, enthusiastic, funny, passionate! I enjoyed the simplicity of the show and the modern costumes. I liked the competence and enthusiasm of the actors!” 
–  Veronica Perdomo, Faculty of A. Philip Randolph High School, New York City


“Give me my Romeo, and, when he shall die,

Take him and cut him out in little stars,

And he will make the face of heaven so fine

That all the world will be in love with night,

And pay no worship to the garish sun.”






The Bard’s Players is grounded in the belief that Shakespeare’s classics can only truly be appreciated when seen in live performance. Shakespeare’s language and prose demand living and breathing actors to suit actions to words and words to actions. Considering Shakespeare’s works are such an integral part of our country’s education for young students, we deem it essential that schools all across the country have access to affordable and invigorating productions. With the understanding that not every high school can afford to take their entire student body on a trip to see professional productions, we construct and travel with modernized and relatable interpretations of Shakespeare’s works.



“Having the opportunity to watch a live version of the play

was a wonderful opportunity for our 9th graders, and a

great way to reinforce the work they have been doing in

class.” – David Fanning, Principal of A. Philip Randolph

Campus High School.




Every year we take on one of Shakespeare’s classics and condense it to A 90 minute long production, making it easier for an entire student body to see a show in one school day. With a diverse cast of young actors, we make our productions easily relatable to younger audiences. By providing the ability to witness a professional Shakespeare production with trained actors, sword fights, modern settings, and contemporary themes, we help young students across the country gain an understanding of not only Shakespeare’s text, but why his plays have influenced the world for over four hundred years.


Shakespeare Theater 36


“I really appreciated the diversity of the cast.”

– Samiayah Johnson, Faculty of The Jesse Owens

Public School, New York City.





Our company is based in Manhattan, permitting us to acquire

the  best team of actors available. Our Players take the show on

the  road, providing you with an easy opportunity to educate

your students and let them experience a production

constructed  by  New York Actors.



“I thought the production was great and engaging! The

actors were entertaining for the students. I liked how the

production still felt relevant.”

– Paige Navalany, A. Philip Randolph Campus

High School, New York City


actress standing on stage


The New York Theater Festival hosts dramas and musicals in  a two season festival, held in the Summer and Winter, known as Summerfest and Winterfest. It currently operates at The Hudson Guild Theater. It has  and been operating since 2012 hosting more then 500 productions and more than 3,500 actors. The New York Theater festival is now the largest festival of it’s kind in the United States.



“It was very well done! I know many of my students

walked away having enjoyed all of the performances.”

– Josie  Buegos, Faculty of A. Philip Randolph

Campus High  School, New York City




“The Production of Romeo and Juliet was engaging.

The students were participating and were following

the characters on stage. The actors were professional

and punctual. I liked the play’s momentum and energy.

The use of contemporary music was a great way to

connect with students.” – Kelly M Downing, ELA

Teacher of A. Philip Randolph Campus High School,

New York City.




1. One to two performances of our ninety minute production

of The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

If your entire student body can’t fit in your performance space, or if  you don’t want everyone out of class at the same time, then feel free to book us for two performances in the same school day!


2. A twenty to thirty minute talk back with the students from

the cast after each show. 

We believe talk backs provide students with the ability to express their own thoughts about the themes of the play in contrast with our production. We find this type of formatted discussion between cast and students fosters a greater understanding of the play as whole, as well as providing students with a sense of belonging to the eternal unraveling of Shakespeare’s works.



If there’s time remaining in the school day, or if an after school session is arranged, we provide a variety of workshops for students who are interested in performing Shakespeare! Our workshops are run by cast members who also have teaching experience. Our workshops include Performing Shakespeare, Shakespeare’s Text, and Stage Combat. Schools can opt for one workshop, or all three at the same time!


“The Production was a success! It was concise and

moved seamlessly from beginning to end.”

– Juan Alvarez, Faculty of A.

Philip Randolph Campus High School, New York City




“The actors were diverse and animated.” – K. Alvarez

Thomas, Faculty of A. Philip Randolph Campus High

School, New York City


“It was very engaging and appropriate. I liked the

specific actions to engage students and make the

play more accessible.” – Kierra D. Fastapuir,

Faculty of A. Philip Randolph Campus

High School, New York City.


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