Ryan Murphy: The Tattered King

theater-painting-circle-300x300“I had the opportunity to work with Cabrini Repertory Theater last week, and while the venue is beautiful and the neighborhood charming – all of that pales in comparison to the absolute delight it was working with the theater itself. I have never had a production go so smoothly and with so little stress until I met the managment at Cabrini. I not only look forward to future productions at the space but I feel compelled to spend time there if only to be a member of the warm and welcoming community you can find at this playhouse by the park. Any production would be blessed to have the Cabrini Repertory Theater as their venue, and every audience can feel the magic of this place right in their seats. Thank you Cabrini, and managment, for welcoming me into your home!

~ Ryan Murphy – Set Director of ‘The Tattered King’ (Thespis 2012)