Rachel Jane Conn: Eaten Voices

theater-painting-circle-300x300“Thespis is the first Theatre Festival I have ever performed in – I came to New York from England two years ago, and recently graduated school from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. The entire process here has been so enjoyable, I never really thought of Thespis as a competition, more an opportunity to invite people to enjoy a new piece of work that i’m proud to be a part of. Festivals like this are incredibly important, and I hope this one keeps running for a LONG time. The space is beautiful, the managment is so fun to work with, and it gives young actors like me the opportunity to originate and explore another role in a new play. It reminds us that the possibilities are endless.”

~ Rachel Jane Conn – Actor lead of ‘Eaten Voices’ (Thespis 2012 Winner!)