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Love without Law tells the story of a woman who takes you on a journey through her past relationships, artistic challenges and confusion until she finally reads Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina and suddenly her life all makes sense.




Set in the stock market crash of 1929, Stephanie Johnson travels to foreign lands in hopes of finding something that will save her father’s company. However a young man causes her to begin questioning what she’s known her entire life.


Marionette follows Lawston, who is forced to relive the caustic relationship between himself and Madison, a young woman from a broken home. They are a couple who came together for all the wrong reasons only to ruin each other.


Take everything you hold precious in life, mix it in a bowl and blend it all together for the tasty treat of life.


Sometimes you don’t need to be true to honest. Sometimes it’s best to speak in clichès. But sometimes it’s best to watch theatre by wunderkind Jacob Cordas and his fantastic cast. Get excited for Liar.




Intense, innovative and immensely charged with passion. Don’t miss!


Don’t miss this opportunity to experience Kennedy and Reagan as they come alive again and spend time sharing their life stories and philosophies with you. Playwright and actor John C. Kendal has created a theatrical experience like no other.



Mitchell Mills (Ron Ryan) is shoved into the online dating scene by his daughter Kim (Catherine Cobb Ryan) and granddaughter Quinn (Kristen Lucas) after they decide Mitchell has been too lonely for too long.


John yearns to leave Manhattan and move to Alaska to find himself. But when his girlfriend doesn’t jump at the chance, he has to decide what’s more important: dreams or reality.

In the near future, orphans have become the scapegoats of a crumbling society. Cal and Grey have a choice: remain loyal to those who have raised them or fight against the wrath of a hateful mob.


An impresario puts on the The Tattered King, a play reputed to drive people mad with “the horror of revealed truths.” An exploration of the transitory nature of our world and the illusion of sanity.


Have you ever sat back and watched the world move forward? The momentum is so fast that it nearly knocks you off your feet. The sad part is that we’re not moving. Not even an inch.


Samantha just wanted to throw a party. But life can be cruel, and there are issues in this world that require theatrical discussion. Very Important Problems is just the play to do that. You will leave the theatre profoundly affected.


Leona, a plucky young girl, is trapped in night. There, she meets a child who knows nothing, and decides that she must be the Moon’s Child. Together, they travel through night, a place of stories, song, dance, and mystery, heading towards day. Eaten Voices is told through masks, movement, and music.





the goodbye room

Maureen is having second thoughts. Guthrie’s parents changed the locks. Shilpi has never kissed anything but her poster of Aung San Suu Kyi. Somehow, they still managed to graduate. But even surviving high school didn’t prepare them for a night in the goodbye room.

Naturalized Woman by Domnica Radulescu is a surrealist romp through a contemporary US immigration office. Nina, a Romanian immigrant, seeks to discover her American dream while calling on other women, both real and imaginary, for strength, wisdom and laughter.


The Picket Line is the story of a strike at a small business that begins in enthusiasm but ends in disappointment. Not mere agit-prop, the play is a meditation on love and work on both sides of the labor-management divide.