Josh Brady: Emerald Eyes


“My experience with the Festival could not be a brighter one. It is apparent from the get-go that this is a festival run by and for those with a passion for the craft. Staging the first big production of any of my works was at first an overwhelmingly daunting challenge, but everyone involved with the festival provided me a safety net and words of encouragement whenever I felt uneasy or had a question in need of answering. Having dealt with other festivals in the past, I was worried that control of my production would fall to less caring hands, but I was assured complete and total control of my production, and was not disappointed. We were given far more time for our tech rehearsal than other festivals, and that time proved to be invaluable; helping us work out the kinks we weren’t aware of before. The theatre itself is gorgeous, allowing plenty of room to play and a wonderfully sized house, as well as an array of unique props that helped relieve stress from my shoulders. Because of this festival, I was afforded an opportunity I’d been dreaming of for quite a while, and I got to show off my work to my friends and family. From the cast, to the crew, to the festival staff, it all went beyond my wildest expectations. I cannot sing its praises highly enough, and I can’t wait to work with them again.”

~ Josh Brady – Writer, Director, Producer, Actor of ‘Emerald Eyes’ (Winterfest 2017)