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The Next Season Runs in Winterf 2018
Submissions now being accepted



Submissions Accepted from Everywhere in the US

Shows from outside 50 miles radius of Manhattan can only run if the

entire cast and crew are from New York City.


Submissions must be between 5 and 20 minutes long.


NYShort Festival is not only a festival,


it’s a competition as well.

Shorts are part  the NYWinterfest 2018 and


compete for the first prize of $2,500




additionally can with a $300 First Prize in the Short Category


Best Actor, Best Actress

Best Director and Best Singer will each receive $500.

Best Musical Score $300

Best Original Play, Stage Manager, Set Design and Lighting Design

Will each receive $200

Please know that all genres are welcome, including MUSICALS. Several of our winners over the years have been musicals. We are all musicians, and know exactly what you need to make your show a success.

There is no question why NYShort Festival has taken the world of playwrighting and musical festivals by storm, becoming one of the largest short festival after just one season.
It’s because productions enjoy staging their plays with us!

We are a group of playwrights who, after years of staging our plays in NYC festivals, said: “Why don’t we create a festival that includes everything we dreamt of having while being part of others?”

The result is beyond our wildest expectations. In just a few years, our festivals has caught fire as the number of submissions we receive continues to grow every year.

Is this sheer luck or an acknowledgment of what we offer?

Let’s find out:


Our participating playwrights receive:

  1. Acknowledgement in the form of excellent prizes more than any other U.S. festival that we know of.
  2. A 3 month-long festival that lets each production breathe, with 45-minute set-up times and prime performance hours. And since we offer free tickets to all shows for the cast and crew of every production, participants have the opportunity to learn from the work of their artistic colleagues.
  3. The longest tech hours offered from a festival.
  4. A 99-seat theater with beautiful, fixed red fabric seats, and three  places for wheelchairs.
  5. 92 lights on our grid! Yes, you read right; 92 lights, including colored gels and LED lights in order to let you paint the moods and atmospheres of your scenes.
  6. 2 projectors that covers a 21×12′ backstage and a 8×14′ stage left
  7. An 88 key electric piano that all productions can use.
  8. 74 prop sets, including varied pieces of real furniture, that every production can use. Ninety percent of our past participants have created their sets with our props.
    No more double parking rental vans, while you rush to unload props, trying to outsmart meters!
  9. Enough storage space to allow you  to leave your costumes and hand props in the theater during your run.
  10. Winners selected by the festival’s team. We don’t have popularity prizes for bringing the largest audience. In our festival, sometimes the barest production with the smallest audience attendance wins first prize simply because it was excellent!
  11. A real large dressing room with mirrors on 3 walls, a sink with running water and a bathroom.
  12. No seasonal volunteers! One of our principle founding members is always at the theater to support you during your tech, box office times and performances.



NYShort Festival is our dream festival created for you!

NYShort Festival Competition

wants to make staging your show a pleasure.


First-time writers are more than welcome!


We’ll help you with everything you need to

stage your play.

Each applicant is fully responsible for

all elements of their production.

These include directing, casting, stage-managing.